14 October 2011
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Content writing rules that will make search engines fall in love with your website. Being creative is good. But how will you know that the content you put online will be easily scannable and indexed by the search engines? Here the 10 basic rules that should become part of your online writing routine, be it a blog, a press release or a corporate website.

Content Writing rules that will improve your website rankings
  • No Plagiarism. Avoid using sentences and paragraphs from other websites. Search engines appreciate originality. If you are borrowing some ideas from other online resources try to re-write them in your own way.
  • Two titles. Your article should have two titles. The first one – an actual headline – should contain the keyword or keyword combination you are optimizing your page for. The second headline, or sub-headline should be LONGER than first one but stay within7-10 words. Make sure the keyword or combination you use in the headline is also present in the sub-headline
  • Story length. Make sure your story is at least 250 characters. Ideally – 500 characters.
  • Easy to read. Make article easy readable by humans. The common mistake many content writers do is forgetting that the primary audience of their content – the human beings. You are not writing for search engines, you are writing for other people. So, make sure that the content you put online reads well and actually makes sense.
  • Avoid keyword spam. The rule of thumb is to keep the percentage of keywords on the page below 10%. We recommend limiting keywords to four times per one article. Try to use the main keyword in the first and the last paragraphs. Two more times across the text. In all other cases use synonyms.
  • Company name. When mentioning your company name make 3 gaps before the name of the company. Like that: Company Name.
  • Other keywords. Feel free to use other keywords you optimize your website for. Say, if you writing about life insurance and your company also offers accidental insurance you may use that last keyword.

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